Colombo Spindle Repair Services for Los Angeles, CA

Colombo spindles are high quality spindles made in Italy. Established in 1956 by Giordano Colombo. A great machine designer, he was ahead of his time and developed spindles that were revolutionary to the market. These spindles come in a variety of horsepower and cooling methods. Our founder learned how to rebuild and design spindles based on his experience with Colombo products.

Colombo website (Italy)

Colombo website (USA)

Common Models We Repair: RV 154, 135’s, 110’s and 90’s. These number correspond to the outer diameter of the stator found in the spindle.

Free Inspection: Spindles sent to HS Spindles are inspected for free.

Firm Quotes: All quotes provided are firm quotes. The exception to our firm quote policy is a motor winding failure which can occur unexpectedly. Expedite options available.

Warranty: All spindles have a one year warranty. The cost of bearing replacement is not covered. All warranty labor is free.

Below are Examples of Common Repair Issues


Actuation While Running: Colombo spindles are generally rock solid mechanically and electrically. However, a common failure among all spindles is actuation while running. This can happen from a bad S3 sensor or a sensor that has not been adjusted properly. Also, a faulty pneumatic system (worn o-rings, failing solenoid valve, or dirty air) can cause this failure. If the spindle starts to have trouble doing tool changes, it could indicate an issue in the pneumatic system. These failures put a large force on the front bearings.

Contamination: Spindles need clean dry air in order to work properly. In some cases contamination enters thru the pneumatic system or thru open passages. We try to use sealed ceramic bearings whenever possible to protect the bearings.

Worn Bearings: As bearings wear the clearances open up and this produces more vibration. Then this creates heat and eventually the bearings will seize. The excess heat creates more problems. Any heat treated steel could become weaker, the high precision sliding fits now become press fits and the pressure on the balls exceed 200,000 psi. The end result is that bearing races can spin on the shaft or in the housing. This will remove metal and the new bearings will not fit properly and the spindle cannot be balanced or have any decent run-out. The only way to fix it, is to add material, usually chrome plating. This increases the price and the length of the repair.

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