High Speed Spindle Repair

These spindles typically run above 18,000 rpm. They are used to work these materials: wood, aluminum, composites and plastic. It takes special equipment to balance them and handle the quirky rotor-dynamics that occur at higher speeds. Our team consists of mechanical design engineers and electrical engineers who know the ins and outs of these spindles.

We repairs all types of high speed spindles. Our work will meet or exceed OEM factory specs. We offer a one year warranty on our services.

HSD Spindle Repairs: HSD’s are the most common spindles you find in the industry. They took over the market in the early 2000’s. The majority of spindles we repair are HSD. We have repaired over 100 HSD spindles and are very familiar with these. From the small Rotax to the 95lb 789s, we have done them all. Check out our HSD spindle repair page.     HSD Spindle Repair

Colombo Spindle Repairs: Colombo spindles are really well made. It is not uncommon to see these with 10 plus years of service. Our founder started out working on Colombo spindles and knows these very well. We repair these often and have modifed an RV154 to run at 24,000 rpm for a test rig application testing jet fighter engine components.    Colombo Spindle Repair

Anderson Spindle Repairs: Made in Taiwan, these are rugged, heavily built spindles that can take a lot of abuse. The rotors and shafts are massive for the amount of power but this extra mass makes for a very smooth spindle that is a work horse. We also offer a Hiteco spindle that can replace the Anderson, less weight and more power.     Anderson Spindle Repair

Liquid Cooled Spindle Replacement: Hiteco makes many spindles that can be retrofitted to replace existing spindles. This model can replace the 11kW Anderson spindle.  QE-2 13/12 24 63F NC CC

Omlat Spindle Repairs: For over 60 years Omlat has made spindles. Produced in Italy, these spindles have a different approach to the bearing configuration. It is a double back to back configuration with a spring pre-load and it has an overhung rotor. The bearing supports are made out of aluminum. Aluminum thermally expands more than steel and if the spindle is running hot, the precision fits of the bearings are lost. The bearings use the smallest balls which produce very little heat but have less of a load rating. Omlat spindles are the coolest running out of all the spindles we repair  but can not handle heavy cuts as well as other spindles. It is more of a finesse machine and will last a long time if not abused because it manages heat so well.  It uses a unique sensor set up as well. Omlats are more difficult to repair than other spindles.         Omlat Website

We repair small high speed spindles as well. Ibag, IMT, Precise, Sycotec, etc. We reverse engineered the IMT ECO 80 to produce our 70C series of spindles. Read about it.  Also, see our post on our 60C versus the HSD MT1073. Read about it.

Lastly, we can repair these brands as well: Shinx, Shoda, Gamfiore, FM Euro, Perske, and of course Hitec

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