Machine Design Services – Design Team

Machine Design Services

Specializing in high speed rotating equipment. Design experience with foil bearings and angular contact ball bearings.

Tony Maffeo – 714-307-2332  Owner of HS Spindles, LLC. Tony has designed high speed rotatating equipment for over ten years in applications such as hydro-electric turbines, atomizers, steam turbines, and CNC spindles. He holds a bachelors in  Mechanical Engineering Technology degree from UNC Charlotte. He also is an EIT since 2005. He is very proficient in Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks. Tony has a great deal of experience with angular contact bearing designs, troubleshooting rotating equipment issues, dynamic balancing and stress analysis on rotating equipment. His experience with machine design services, repair of high speed spindles and as a manufacturing engineer helps the design to be simplistic for assembly and manufacturing. Great effort goes into making the design as simple as possible, which lower’s costs in manufacturing and assembly.  Tony’s linked-in page.    Tony’s email: engineering@hsspindles.com

Dan Lubell – 714-403-8465  Owner of  Oil-Free Machinery. Dan is a design and test consulting engineer for oil-free and conventional turbomachinery, including gas turbines, compressors, high speed electrics motors, and turbo-expanders. Daniel has worked with industrial and aerospace turbomachinery, and became specialized in oil-free and high speed system rotordynamics, bearings, and production transitions with over 20 years of hands-on R&D experience. Daniel has worked with industry leading technology in this area at Capstone Turbine, Honeywell Aerospace, and Calnetix Technologies. He has been a significant contributor to several new centerline designs for both conventional and oil-free systems and is as comfortable with design and test as he is with analysis. Daniel has a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering which he earned at the Texas A&M University Turbo Lab in College Station, Texas. Prior to that, he received a Bachelors in Engineering Science from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Daniel, an ASME member, has published papers on squeeze film dampers and foil bearing developments for micro gas turbines. Dan’s linked-in page.    Dan’s email: drlubell@oilfreemachinery.com