Metal Working Spindle Repair

Most of the metal working spindles we repair are out of vertical mills. These spindles have tapers that are CAT or BT styles in these sizes: 30,40 and 50.

Pullstuds: If you want us to repair your spindle, please let us know which style of pull stud it uses. A picture of the pull stud will provide enough information.

These spindles have some variations in the bearing configurations and the bearing lubrication (grease or oil).

In order to repair the spindle, we need all of the rotating components such as gears, pulleys, sensor pick ups and the drawbar. This is required in order for us to balance the spindle.

The spindles are rebuilt using ABEC 7 or P4 rated bearings with the bearings most equivalent to the factory spec. The spindle under goes a bearing break-in process up to 4,000 rpm while it is balanced. Another break in process is required once installed using our guidelines and temp indicator provided.


Haas Spindle Repairs: Haas spindles are well made and usually have the lowest run-out of all the spindles we repair. Most of the Haas spindles have high precision ground parts with press fits on the bearing retainers and the pulley. This requires special tooling to remove and re-install. Note: The pulleys on the Haas spindles are proprietary. If damaged, you can not buy a pulley from Haas or any pulley manufacturer, it is an unique number of teeth. Please be careful when shipping the Haas spindle and place extra protection around the pulley.

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