HSD Replacement Spindle – 10KW, HSK63F, Long Nose, 380V

HSD Replacement Spindle

10KW S1 Rated Power


Long Nose




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HSD Replacement Spindle

S1 Power: 10kW

S6 Power:

# of Poles: 4

Long Nose

Voltage: 380 volts, 3 phase power

Replaces these HSD 929 Models that run on 380 volts and are set up for 380 volts:

H6161H0669, H6161H0992

Please note: If you have a dual voltage spindle, the terminal box will have a jumper configuration set up for 380V or “Star”. A 380 volt spindle should not be run on 220 volts and if a 220 volt spindle is run on 380 volts, the stator will be damaged.



Core Exchange

Core exchange policy: We accept cores and will give credit towards the purchase. All cores received are assumed to have worn bearings and must be replaced.

Cores in excellent condition: $2,000 credit

Cores with damaged shafts (higher than .00025″ run-out): $1,500 credit

Cores with with damaged stators: $1,250 credit

Cores with damaged shaft and stator: $1,000 credit

The following items will reduce trade-in value:

Missing clamp group: $500

Missing sensors: $200 each

Broken Fan cover: $300 / $100 if salvageable

Broken Terminal Box” $150

Missing actuator: $650

Sales process:

In order to avoid errors while ordering the spindle, we recommend this process:

  1. Take a pictures of your existing spindle. We need to see the terminal box cover showing the power information. We need to see the front bearing support to know if it is a long or short nose. Also, need to see how much clearance is around the terminal box. We might have a dual voltage spindle that can be used but the extra box may interfere with the machine.
  2. If you have a dual voltage spindle, remove the terminal box cover to check if it is set up for a star or delta connection.
  3. Once the spindle is removed we will send pictures of the replacement spindle showing the length and width to confirm it will fit.

Additional information

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