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Spindle Repair Warranty – 10/29/2018 Release
HS Spindles will honor most manufacturer’s warranties. In general, most manufacturer’s have this warranty:
Length of warranty period: One year from shipment date of spindle. Some spindle’s will be warrantied for 6 months based on condition and operating condition of the spindle. HS Spindles, LLC will notify customer of warranty duration at time of initial inspection and provide in quotation.
In the event of required repair during the warranty period, the customer to follow these guidelines:
Upon receiving the spindle, HS Spindles, LLC will perform the following:

Terms and Conditions:

We make no warranty concerning, and we shall have no liability for any costs related to removing or assembling the spindle(s) to customer’s or end user’s machine or equipment. We have any liability for any cost associated with loss of production, work flow interruption, downtime or other consequential damages.
Our duty to repair or replace shall terminate if unauthorized repairs are attempted. Warranties will not be honored if spindle is not pair in full.
All goods not picked up within 60 days of repair completion will be considered abandoned. HS Spindles, LLC will assume ownership of abandoned items. If the customer cannot make payment for any reason, we must receive notification in writing within 60 days of repair completion to waive this policy.

New Spindle Warranties

Please note spindles are non-returnable items. HS Spindles, LLC will accept spindle returns if an error has been made on our part.
The following is an excerpt from the Hiteco:
1.15 Warranty
(1.15 45f ce)
(1.15.1 45f ce)
In regards to possible defects of supply a warranty for manufacturing defects of components will be applied having a duration of 12 months and not more than 1800 hours of work.
(1.15.2 45f ce)
The warranty begins on the date of registration of the faulty component in Hiteco. The life of the component is calculated from the date of registration to the date of return at the plant Hiteco (documented by supply documents).
After the above-mentioned period, the guarantee will no longer be granted in any way and for any reason and without any further explanation by the Hiteco. The guarantee shall consist, at the choice of the Hiteco and at the sole discretion of the same, in either repair or replacement, at the expense of the Hiteco, of the components that are broken or defective, due to defects in manufacture of the product and taking into account the correct use of the same. Any repair/replacement under warranty will be without the recognition of expenses by the Hiteco arising from any technical assistance activities of the Purchaser. The replaced parts will be returned EXW Ex Works (Incoterms 2010).
(1.15.3 45f ce)
Hiteco shall be entitled to require the Buyer to return the defective parts which were replaced for the verification and the eventual recognition of the warranty.
(1.15.4 45f ce)
Not covered by warranty are defects due to normal wear and tear of those parts which, by their nature, are subject to rapid and continuous usage (e.g. gaskets, belts, bearings, etc …). In particular, Hiteco does not guarantee a specific duration in hours of the bearings as it depends on various factors including: the degree of balancing of the tools, the types of machining, shock and/or mechanical stresses that depend on the specific application. Hiteco is also not responsible for damage or deterioration of any kind caused by use other than that intended in the Owner Handbook or arising from misuse, or failure to suspend the use of the components in the presence of malfunction , or from any other cause not attributable to Hiteco including the failure by the buyer of the requirements for the storage of components according to previous chapter 3 paragraph 3.6
(1.15.5 45f ce)
The warranty loses its effectiveness whenever parts or supplies not supplied by the Hiteco are installed or when modifications are made or foreign replacement parts are used without the expressed written consent by Hiteco or when repair and/or tampering by unauthorized personnel has been carried out.
(1.15.6 45f ce)
No responsibility can be attributed to Hiteco for damages of any kind that may result from improper use, bad maintenance and/or behaviors different from those contained in the instructions for use and maintenance. It is the exclusive responsibility and burden of the Purchaser to ensure that products manufactured with the components supplied by Hiteco are in compliance with current safety standards, and to be liable for any claim in respect of any damage, relieving Hiteco in this regard.
(1.15.7 45f ce)
The warranty is subject to revocation, in case of Buyer’s failure to notify the Hiteco in writing within 8 days from the time the Buyer has made the discovery of the defect or lack of quality, as well as failure to express a request, always to be notified in the forms described above, to Hiteco to make a warranty repair. In addition, the Buyer forfeits the warranty in case he does not allow Hiteco to carry out all necessary checks or if the buyer doesn’t answer within 2 weeks to send back defective parts after Hiteco request to have those parts back or in case of any repairs not expressly authorized by Hiteco.
(1.15.8 45f ce)
This present warranty excludes any other damages, including those arising from the failure or reduced production, as well as indirect and consequential damages, and terminates this Agreement, even if Hiteco has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
(1.15.9 45f ce)
Drawings with measures and pictures are supplied for example purposes for understanding texts in easier way. The manufacturer, due to company policy of developing and updating the products, reserves the right to modify functional and aesthetic features, to update drawings of every functional or accessory parts, to break off the production and supply, this without any compulsory of giving information to anybody. Further-more Hiteco reserves the right to make modifications of every structural and functional parts and adding modifications on supply of accessory and spare parts without any compulsory of giving information to anybody and with any rights.