ER32 Collets

ER32 Collets for use with high speed CNC spindles.

ER32 Collets are designed for use in high speed spindles and come in a variety of sizes. These collets are available in metric and imperial sizes. Collets are manufactured by IMS in Italy and made with hardened alloy spring steel.

Imperial sizes range from 3/64″ (1.191 mm) to 25/32″ (19.844 mm).

Metric sizes range from 1 mm (0.040″) to 21 mm (0.827″).

Recommended Torque: 100 ft/lbs

Note that the size written on the collet is to indicate the maximum size that can fit into the collet. Collets are designed to collapse when tightened. Ensure that the size of the tool will fit into the collet and that the collet can grip the tool to provide enhanced safety, accuracy, and precision.

Maintenance: Protect from rust with rust preventative spray. Remove preventative before placing into service. Use correct concentration of coolant to prevent corrosion. Always check collets for scoring or wear. Replace if worn or damaged.