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ER40 Collet 1/2"

ER32 Collet 5/16 Inch P/N C-F-516

Made in Italy. High Precision.

Made out of hardened alloy steel.

Ground Surfaces. Size range is 0.273 to 0.312 “.

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ER32 Collet 5/16 Inch

ER32 Collet 5/16 Specifications:

Size: 5/16″

Collapsing Range: 0.312 + 0.000 / -0.039″ (Tool Shank Size: 0.273 to 0.312″)

Collet Type: ER32 Collet- Spring Style

Material: Through hardened alloy spring steel. Precision ground surfaces.

Manufacturer: Made  in Italy.

Recommended Torque: 100 ft/lbs for Slotted Nut

Run Out: Precision ground surfaces for accurate fit and low run-out. 0.0003″ T.I.R. Suitable for wood and metal working.

Maintenance: Protect from rust with rust preventative spray. Remove preventative before placing into service. Use correct concentration of coolant to prevent corrosion. Always check collets for scoring or wear. Replace if worn or damaged.

Compatibility: Can be used with all ER32 toolholders. Equivalent to IMS part number IER32-5/16

Dimensions: D = 0.81″ (21 mm)     d = 5/16″     L = 1.24″ (31.5 mm)

ER20 Collet

We are a distributor for IMS products.

Equivalent to IMS product part number IER32-516 or A0491.  IMS recently switched to a new part numbering system and the “A” number is the current part number.

The broadness of IMS collets selection allows you to interface and use a collet chuck with a wide range of tools. Thanks to the different degrees of precision and to the optional anti-rust treatments, the IMS collets line satisfies every request and is suitable for any routing and milling application.

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Weight .023 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in