JQX85 J Series Tilt Head

JQX85 J Series Tilt Head

2-Axis Style

Tilt, 90 Degrees

8.5 – 10 kW @ 12000 rpm

Vmax 24000 rpm


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The JQX85 J Series Tilt Head spindle is a very high quality spindle made in Italy. Rugged design, built to last. This spindle is built to last for many years. We have repaired many brands of spindles through out the years and can say with certainty that you will not find a better spindle for the price.

Complete 5-Axis head made by Hiteco. This 2-axis unit is suitable to machine wood, aluminum, light alloys, composites and plastics.

See Catalog for Bi-Rotating Heads made by Hiteco

8.5 – 10 kW @ 12000 rpm

Vmax 24000 rpm


Technical Specifications

Servomotor: Yaskawa Standard. Customer may supply preferred servomotors.

Servomotor Power: 0.40 kW

Servomotor encoder Assoluto Absolute 20 Bit Assoluto Absolute 20 Bit

Gearbox: Harmonic Drive

Max. Continuos Torque: 380 Nm

Peak Torque 570 Nm

Max rotation axis ± 135° ± 320°

Mechanical Blocking of Axis: None

Max. Positioning Speed 6.100°/‘

Max Operating Speed 3.700°/’

Precision Positioning 1 arcmin

Weight 60 kg

Spindle Specifications:

  • QX-2 8.5/12 24 63F NC ES, 5AX, HSK63F, 13.5HP /10Kw (S6), 11.5HP 8.5KW (S1)  380V, 12/24,000 rpm, 400/800 Hz, 4 pole.

13.5 hp (10Kw S6) 11.5hp / 8.5Kw (S1)  Bi-rotary Head – JQX 085 Series.

Additional information

Weight70 kg
Dimensions50 × 36 × 26 cm
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