Anderson Spindle Repair

Anderson spindles are made in Taiwan.We have repaired dozens of these and they usually come in two formats. 2 pole fan cooled units and 4 pole liquid cooled models. These are heavy, well built spindles typically used in the wood working industry.

Anderson America Website

Erosion: One of the main failures is erosion of the aluminum housing. This is caused by abrasives in the coolant or a flow rate that is too high. Aluminum will erode if the flow rate thru the channels is higher than 5.5 ft/sec. This causes leaks inside the housing that will short the stator and contaminate the bearings.

Broken Spring Stacks / Contamination: Anderson spindles typically need to have the belleville springs replaced. This is because the the stroke of the drawbar is longer than similar spindles in the industry. This causes more stress in the springs and they break apart. Also, contamination in the pneumatic system can rapidly increase wear in the actuator and the springs.

Liquid Cooled Spindle Replacement

Hiteco makes many spindles that can be retrofitted to replace existing spindles. This model can replace the 11kW Anderson spindle. See our facebook post.

QE-2 13/12 24 63F NC CC

Anderson spindle replacements. Upgrade to a modern design. Hiteco offers this 13kW spindle in a smaller and lighter package. This spindle offers 2kW more power and weighs 56 lbs (32 lbs lighter than the Anderson). Available in 220V or 380V.

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