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Spindle Showdown! Product Comparison: 60C to HSD AT/MT 1073

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Spindle Showdown!

Product Comparison: 60C to HSD AT/MT 1073

Spindle Showdown Product Comparison 60C HSD MT1073

This Spindle Showdown will compare our High Speed 60C Spindle to the HSD AT/MT 1073.

The HSD AT/MT 1073 is a very common type of spindle in a lot of machine shops. It’s an entry level style of spindle for table machines. This model runs at 24k RPM, has 3kw of power and a 2 pole motor. It is fan cooled with a shaft driven fan so it can get very loud. It has an aluminum body, harting connector, and weights over 17 pounds. If you wanted to cut at higher speeds, you’re limited to only 24k RPM.

If you’re looking for an upgrade/replacement, we recommend our 60C. It’s half the weight of the HSD 1073 and is almost equal in power. It’s a 4 pole motor so it has about double the torque of the HSD. It cuts twice as fast, smoother, and with high precision. As you cut, the dimensions will stay stable because of the liquid cooling. It will also last longer.

We can customize your upgrade to ensure exact compatibility. The voltage, harting connector, and collet dimensions will be fit to your needs.

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