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Simple installation, use and programming as well as flexibility and efficiency are the factors that are increasingly driving the use of robots in the engineering sector. A growing trend, in Italy and abroad, that not only considerably simplifies the factory and increases its productivity, but also entails a considerable progress on the work front by delegating risky and repetitive tasks, with low added value, to industrial and collaborative robots. But not all robots are the same or capable of [...]


Economy Spindle Repair

Economy Spindle Repair Economy spindle repair service is a new level of service in addition to our standard and expedited repair services. The economy service is 15% less than a standard repair. It takes 5 – 8 weeks to complete. This service benefits our company by  being able to fill in work during slower periods and helps us to have a steadier work flow. This allows us to reduce cost and we can pass this on to our customers. This [...]


Case Study: Damaged Power Cord Repair

Case Study: Damaged Power Cord Repair Reason for Repair: Customer needed a repair for damaged power cable from controller to the spindle. Type of Spindle: Leutor Hi-Speed Head Spindle Service Provided: We custom made a bracket to mount the electrical connector and made a disconnect cable for the spindle.   For more information on repairs, contact us at (714) 307-2332 or service@hsspindles.com


Spindle Showdown! Product Comparison: 60C to HSD AT/MT 1073

Spindle Showdown! Product Comparison: 60C to HSD AT/MT 1073 This Spindle Showdown will compare our High Speed 60C Spindle to the HSD AT/MT 1073. The HSD AT/MT 1073 is a very common type of spindle in a lot of machine shops. It’s an entry level style of spindle for table machines. This model runs at 24k RPM, has 3kw of power and a 2 pole motor. It is fan cooled with a shaft driven fan so it can get very loud. It [...]


Product Highlight – HSK 63F Gripper

Product Highlight – HSK 63F Gripper This product highlight is on our HSK 63F Gripper. (Video Below) The tool holding clamp group is a.k.a. a gripper. The gripper is a wearable item just like bearings. Replacing your tool gripper once or twice is common. Our HSK 63F Gripper is compatible with all HSK 63F, HSK 63B, and HSK 63D spindles. The tool gripper is interchangeable with the REBO and OTT Jakob HSK models. Note: Grippers made by Ott Jakob and IMS require a tool to be present if the [...]


Latest Repair – GMN Spindle (TSSV – 20k rpm, 4 pole, liquid cool)

Latest Repair GMN Spindle New repairs are rolling on this new year and we want to provide you a behind the scene look at one of our repairs. GMN TSSV – 20k rpm, 4 pole, liquid cool Stay tuned and we’ll update you as we: Inspect the spindle Set up a cooling system for spindle Vibration analysis to see if bearings showing signs of wear and/or damage Design a high pressure hydraulic system to open the chuck to provide a tool change Evaluate it and present a report to the customer If it requires disassembly, we [...]


Spindle Comparison: 70C versus IMT ECO80 Spindle

Spindle Comparison: 70C vs IMT ECO80 Model This post is a spindle comparison of two HSK 25E spindles. Both are high precision and high speed: 30,000 and higher. The 70C is manufactured in the USA and the IMT comes from Germany. Features: 70C is designed to fit in the same envelope as an IMT ECo80 spindle and in this post, I will highlight some of the features of the 70C. The 70C has a similarly sized shaft to allow the same access as the IMT model. [...]


Dynamic Balancing – Vibration Analysis

All spindles are dynamically balanced and have a vibration analysis performed. If any critical speeds are detected, we’ll inform you of the speed zones to avoid to help your spindle last longer. We also offer rotordynamic analysis services to machine builders, spindle manufacturers and test rig developers. Shafts and shaft mounted items are analyzed in reference to the type of bearings, stiffness and natural frequency. Shaft mounted items can be designed with confidence knowing the critical speeds of the assembly [...]

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